Strange Dreams

I have been having strange, recurring dreams in which I’ve moved into a large Victorian style house. In past dreams, I would venture into different rooms of the house, but there are certain areas that I don’t enter because I somehow know that they are haunted. I think that I had a dream about living in the same house last night, but in it I was mourning Josh’s death as I was going through some of his things that were stored in his room. But, I knew that I wasn’t in our current house, because his room was different, as if it was in an upstairs attic. There was an older analog TV on a stand there. Elijah was there, and I told him that we could replace it with a newer TV. But, we were also in a hurry because Theresa was waiting for us to come downstairs so we could go out to eat.

The room we were in reminded me of the upstairs of my Grandpa Cornell’s house, which was a little like an attic space which had been converted into a bedroom.

Sometimes, Josh is still alive in my dreams, and other times I am aware that I am dreaming of the present day. When he appears in my dreams, I accept that he is still alive, but later when I wake up I will cling to those images.

I have had dreams about moments which turned out to be true. For example, when I was younger I dreamed about sitting down in front of a computer terminal I had never seen, in a room I had never been to. I recognized that room and that type of computer when I used the CM Life computer lab during my first year as a student at CMU. I know that I’ve dreamt about a specific place or moment when I suddenly get a feeling of deja vu, and realize that its happen to me in a dream before. But, it’s too late when I make the connection, because the moment has already passed.

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