Ode to Elijah

As Written by ChatGPT

Command: Write a poem called “Ode to Elijah”

In fields of gold where sunlight plays,
There roams a soul in gentle ways.
Elijah, with eyes like morning dew,
A heart so pure, a spirit true.

In every breeze, his laughter sings,
A melody that spreads its wings.
With every step, he paints the earth,
In hues of joy and boundless mirth.

Ode to Elijah, beacon bright,
A guiding star in darkest night.
His kindness flows like river’s flow,
A gentle current, soft and slow.

In fields of gold, where dreams take flight,
Elijah dances in the light.
A gentle soul, a cherished friend,
In his presence, love has no end.

So let us raise our voices high,
In praise of Elijah, near and nigh.
For in his light, we find our way,
Forever blessed, come what may.

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