I realized that this site needs a good “About” page, so here is my attempt at writing one. I drew a lot of my identity from fatherhood, so when we lost my oldest son, Josh, to cancer in 2021, it was quite a blow. It still is, really. There isn’t a day when something reminds me of Josh or I am not thinking about how much I miss him. Except, life does have to continue, and we continue to see our daughter, Kayla, and we are still raising our youngest son, Elijah.
So, anyways, I am a father, writer, photographer, a professional in many different areas, and most recently a puppeteer. Puppetry is more of a passion project, and one that I hope will go somewhere.
As for the rest, I hope that this website will fill in the details, because I plan on making it a reflection of who I am.