My Communication Management Skills

One of my biggest accomplishments as Web Services Manager for EduGuide was that I was able to establish clear channels of communication with staff, web users, and partners. Internally, I coordinated between staff, web developers, and graphic designers on multiple projects. I managed the organization’s helpdesk and responded swiftly to user’s questions. I also managed a team of volunteer writers and beta testers who helped the organization to make improvements to its website and online knowledgebase. I was often praised for my knowledge of our website and the support I offered to both staff and customers.


Prior to EduGuide, I worked for the Michigan State Medical Society and later Special Olympics Michigan where I streamlined the procedure for collecting and posting updates to the organizations’ websites. As a video conference helpdesk technician for Dow Chemical, I routinely communicated with field technicians on technical issues, and maintained the support team’s internal knowledgebase.


Looking back at my professional career, I can think of a lot of times when my education and training helped me to understand how to clearly communicate with an audience and look at a project from several angles. My experience with nonprofit organizations and smaller companies forced me to be self-reliant, as I was often required to cover multiple aspects of a given project.

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