Senior Year of College already

It’s hard to believe it, but today my daughter, Kayla, started her senior year at CMU. Even harder to believe is the fact that in a couple of semesters, she will be getting her college diploma and stepping out into the wide open world of life, profession, relationships, and everything else that comes included when you become an adult. I knew that this day was coming, but back when it was three or four years away it seemed so far off.

Kayla has done amazingly with her classes, and already has a lot to be proud of. She was also a trooper, balancing her college classes with everything that was going on with her brother, Josh, helping us by watching her little brother Elijah, and adjusting to a new way of doing things as we all dealt with COVID19, lockdowns, and virtual classes.

Good luck with this new year, Kayla.

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