February’s Puppet Project

For our video project in February, I’d like to create an anthology of videos produced by different amateur puppeteers from around the globe. The videos would all tie back to a common theme but could still tell a variety of different stories.

For example, in October I watched a group of videos which had been submitted as a part of a contest. The videographers all had 24 hours to complete their project (I believe it was called the “24 Hour Puppet Project,” but don’t quote me). This would be similar, but without the time constraints, and this wouldn’t be a contest per se.

We could produce the videos and then submit them all under an established hashtag, so they can be viewed together.

The theme I was considering is “Romance,” in recognition of Valentine’s Day in February. Puppeteers of different levels of skills would be invited to contribute.

If this sounds like a project that you would contribute to, let me know by sending an email to jon@gazerbeam.com or send a message on my puppeteer page at https://www.facebook.com/thefurlings.



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