Managed a backlog for requested feature changes and bug fixes. Identified most critical changes and escalated them to the development team.
Documented reported bugs and reported them to the developers.
Communicated instructions from president to graphic designers and web developers. Facilitated team meetings and followed up on assigned tasks.
Managed Google Ads account.
Generated reports based on Google Analytics reporting. Applied insights towards new strategies for user engagement.
Redesigned organization’s website and coordinated with staff on scheduled departmental updates.
Launched and generated a monthly email newsletter for athletes, parents, and supporters.
Served on the IT Strategy planning committee.
Met with schools to discuss the effectiveness of the EduGuide platform. Observed students while they completed online paths.


Streamlined a process for completing quality assurance testing on new features. Reported discovered issues to the development team. Approved or delayed deployment of features based on results of tests.
Assessed planned feature changes and provided feedback in writing and during team meetings. Reviewed pages for usability issues.
Recruited volunteer beta testers and directed them on testing of select features on the website. Compiled feedback and relayed to the development team.


Participated in collaborative copy editing sessions with staff. Reviewed content for the path system prior to publication on the website.
Constructed and managed landing pages for marketing campaigns.
Developed and produced a series of weekly teleconferences
Served as online moderator for a series of monthly live webinars. Contributed to the development of a streamlined procedure for conducting webinars.
Planned and generated articles for online user knowledgebase. Scripted and produced user tutorial videos.
Managed a group of volunteer editors.